The Calorie Craze


Or should I say the calorie daze! The basic premise of reducing calories remains a tried and true model for losing weight, but that doesn’t always translate to the healthiest option. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to understand that there can be ‘skinny’ people who eat mostly processed foods and diet soft drinks, while others who may weigh more, are consuming a much more nutrient-rich diet.


So, What to do?! Here at Reboot, the goal is to boost your nutrient intake and in doing so achieve better health, (and of course in many cases that will equate to weight loss too!)


Mark Bittman gives good insight into the difference in the quality of calories this week in a blog for the NY Times. And our own Reboot Nutritionist, Stacy Kennedy, also wrote about the topic several months ago in this blog post.


So, let yourself stop counting, and focus on enjoying real, nutrient-rich foods!