A Soup that Brings Sunshine: Sweet Potato, Carrot & Turmeric

Thanks to my Community Shared Agriculture share I have lots of wonderful, seasonal and organic produce that helped me come up with this delicious soup. This soup is not only tasty with a hint of sweet and a slight spice from the ginger, but it’s versatile as you can add your own favorite fresh or dried herbs and spices to finish it off. Enjoy the recipe.

Healthy Snack: Yam “Fries”

Yams are a great switch for sweet potatoes when making delicious and healthy baked fries. These fries are different because they are round and thin instead of long and thin. This recipe is quick and easy, and using the broiler helps the yam rounds to cook fast. You can add different seasonings for different flavors; such as chili powder for a spicier taste, or basil for a more Mediterranean flavor.