Juicing Helped Us become the Type of Parents We Wanted to Be

“I needed major energy to work with all the children in my charge as well as the young children I had at home. Bending, standing, much less jumping around and entertaining became almost impossible. Vanessa also felt the effect of the extra pounds as she helped in the ministry and cared for our two children at home. Our last move to a church in Florida occurred about the time when we watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. This gave us the motivation to start juicing.” Read their full story.

What My Doctor Learned from Me

“My doctor took my blood pressure medication from 100mg to 50mg to 25mg and today, nothing! He was so happy with me he brought me into the front office and told everyone there what I had done! He also told me he brought the idea of juicing home to his family!” Read Joe’s journey to see how he inspired his doctor’s family to start juicing.

Bobby Reached Under 300 Lbs for the First Time in 16 Years

“This past December I felt stuck.  I needed something new to try. I wanted to go into 2014 setting some serious goals for myself, both physically, musically, and mentally. My friend, Mike, called and asked me, “Have you seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead?”  I said, “no.” He said, “WATCH IT!!”  I went onto Netflix and I watched it and I LOVED IT! I laughed, cried, and got so motivated! I said to myself, ” I’m gonna do this!!” By my next birthday I’m going to be in the most amazing shape of my life, which will be October 10th, when I will turn 40.” Read Bobby’s story to see how far he’s come.