Kathlyn Finds Juicing to Be “The Secret Elixir” to Curing Her Severe Acne

” I struggled with severe acne for the past four years and the medications I was on only made my situation worse. After numerous failed visits to the dermatologist, I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead which inspired me to take responsibility for my own health through a change in diet and lifestyle.” Read Kat’s full story to see how a 3 Day Reboot changed her life.

Kevin Rebooted After He Realized He Spent More Time in the Drive-thru Than His Own Kitchen

“I had to go to three different stores to find something that fit, and ended up with a pair of ”Grandpa Roomy-Bottom” trousers with the patented ”Elasto-Flex Waist for Mature Men”. That was the day I realized that I’d been spending more time in the drive-thru than in my own kitchen, and it was time to come up with a plan to learn how to eat better.” Read Kevin’s full story.

Naturally Protect Your Skin from the Sun (with food!)

Consuming a healthy diet full of natural sun blocking antioxidants is a useful strategy to ensure your body has the best defense against skin cancer. Carotenoids are the compounds that give foods their vibrant color from the green leafy vegetables to the red beets, to the yellow and orange colored fruits and vegetables. Read more to learn what foods protect your from the sun.

Adam & Alodie Find Strength in Rebooting Together

Name – Adam G. & Alodie M. Age – 33 (Adam), 31 (Alodie) Location – Ontario, Canada Reboot – 60-Day juice-only Reboot Weight Loss – Adam: 55lbs (from 235 to 180lbs), Alodie: 27lbs (from 145 to 118lbs)   HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT REBOOT YOUR LIFE? We watched “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” on Netflix […]

Radiant Skin Begins With Clean Plates

by: Lisa Roberts-Lehan (Clean Plates Author) Glowing skin is anything but skin deep: our epidermis is often the visible scorecard for how well we eat. Here is a shortlist of my favorite go-to beauty foods. Look for these gems at your local farmer’s market, food co-op or health food store, and start noshing your way […]

A Glowing Study: Fruit and Vegetables Can Make Us More Attractive

We have all heard the expression, you are what you eat and now we know; we also look like what we eat! A small study from the University of St Andrews in Scotland showed the groups that consumed just 3 extra serves of carotenoid containing fruits and vegetables showed a small change in their skin […]