Not Even a Broken Back Could Stop Jake From Rebooting

“I have now reached 98 kg/218 lbs, 30 kg/66 lbs less than I was 11 months ago. I have lost over 11inches on my waist, my health is fantastic, and both my wife and I are very grateful we watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I have thanked Joe several times, and every time I meet people I tell them my story and Joe’s. I try to spread the word as much as possible, because if a fat sick and nearly dead guy with a broken back can loose weight and get healthy, what’s your excuse?”

56 Year Old Joe R. Feels Better Than He Did at 20

Joe R. lost 115 lbs, stopped taking 16 Advil per day for pain, lowered his blood pressure from 130/90 to 108/64, improved resting heart rate from 96 to 58 and it continues to drop after he completed two 60-Day Reboots. He feels better than he did at age 20 and runs everyday!

Negative Effects of Obesity and Overweight

There is no question that obesity has reached a critical level and dramatic personal and societal changes are needed. Not so long ago I was asked “What an orthopedic spine surgeon knows about nutrition?”  Although I believe most physicians should be experts in nutrition, the question was actually not that surprising because the standard medical […]