Tomatillo Carrot Basil Juice

Juicer making juice

Tomatillos are a delicious seasonal relative of the tomato, but instead of being orange, yellow or red, they’re green and slightly less sweet; they’re typically used to make salsa verde (a spicy green sauce). This week’s community shared agriculture (CSA) box included these seasonal tomatillos, and instead of using them to make a salsa verde, […]

Eat This Now: Radishes

By: AMANDA HIRSCH & TORY DAVIS, Clean Plates Authors (adapted) Radishes — those small but mighty, peppery members of the mustard family — have been eaten across the globe since prehistoric times. Rumors of radishes depicted on Egyptian pyramids can’t be confirmed, despite ancient Greek tales about the vital role the veggie played in the […]

On Buying Local

There’s been a lot of press lately about the environmental impact of purchasing locally grown foods. Logically, buying locally grown fruits and vegetables would seem more environmentally conscious than purchasing a basket of strawberries from halfway across the world. According to journalist Stephen Dubner of Freakonomics Radio, and a handful of economists including Tyler Cowan, […]