Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Is Coming Back to Canada

n April of last year, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead made its debut in Canada followed by a tour from me where I got to travel around Canada to talk with folks about my Reboot journey. I had a blast while I was there and was humbled by the amazing feedback I received from everyone I met. Now, I’m happy to say that if you’re in Canada you’ll have the chance to watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead again on the Food Network Channel! Save the following dates.

Joe and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Go to Canada

I’ve got an exciting two weeks ahead of me because Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is coming to Canada! It is premiering on the Food Network on April 5th and 6th. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be making my way around Canada’s major cities – Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto – for interviews, meet and greets, store appearances and much more to spread the Reboot message, encourage more people to check out the film, and ultimately get inspired to juice and add more fruits and vegetables into their diets.