Success Story: Mia Overcomes an Unknown Illness and Restores Her Youth

Name: Mia Sansom
Age: 44
Location: Portland, Oregon

In September of 2011, I weighed 240 pounds/109 kg (I am 5 ft. 10 inches tall) and was suffering from chronic back pain and an unknown illness that the doctors were unable to diagnose. I was experiencing remissions and flare ups, and similar symptoms to those of Multiple Sclerosis. My mobility was often dependent on a walker, and I was suffering from a list of 74 symptoms from nausea and confusion to chest pains and seizures. I had pretty much given up hope and could hardly get out of bed in the morning. I thought I was going to die.

I first saw the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead in September of 2011. I had been struggling with disabling health issues for many years and immediately related to Joe and Phil’s stories. With nothing to lose, I began my first 30 day Reboot on September 18th, 2011. I quickly felt a huge improvement in my energy and awareness and also found out that I was retaining a huge amount of water as I shed 15 pounds in the first few days.

I enjoyed it so much that I went on to complete two more 30 day Reboots. I traveled to coach Paul Vasquez (from the viral “double rainbow” video) through a 10 day reboot. I am currently on day 102 of my latest juice fast. I have lost 80 pounds/36 kg through it all and my health has improved tremendously. Everyone is totally amazed at the change in my appearance, and in my youthfulness and energy.

I had so many medical symptoms at the worst point of my health, that it overwhelmed doctors. Most of these symptoms have disappeared or become so mild that they hardly affect me, and I credit this change to juice fasting. I am full of energy and youth and I’m able to live a normal life. I am thrilled to report that I have become a thinner, smarter, faster, and happier me!

As a result of this experience (for which I give Joe Cross and his team much-deserved credit), I have decided to commit my life to helping others improve their health through nutrition. I created and manage a YouTube channel, “GFveganlife” and a juicing page on Facebook, “Juicing FTW” (for the win) which Joe Cross, thankfully, has helped to promote. I’m very honored and elated to have the opportunity to inspire so many people.

Before juice fasting I felt like I was at the end with no hope left. Now, at 44 years old, my life is renewed! I have goals that include getting a degree in nutrition, educating others about the power of fresh produce and juice, traveling, and working with others who have similar focus and purpose. I’m on fire!

I want you to know that I have a very flexible and open schedule and I’m always available since I only work from home coaching others with their juice fasts online. I would be happy to assist in any way with sharing my story and the power of juicing. Contact me at my Facebook juicing page (listed below) if you need anything at all from me.

A document showing my symptoms before and after juice fasting

My Facebook Juicing page

My YouTube channel (Fasts are documented on video here)