10 Ways to Stand Up to Naysayers of Your Healthy Eating Plan

Often, when someone is ready to embark on a new healthy eating plan or a Reboot, they find themselves being called stupid or crazy by their friends, colleagues, family members and even strangers. Unfortunately, those naysayers believe they are ‘experts’ on the topic without any education, knowledge or experience of the plan. They’ll go on to tell you how bad “it” is for you even though they often have no nutritional knowledge or understanding.

I’m amazed at the amount of people that have expressed concern about starting a Reboot because someone told them they are crazy for considering a Reboot, or any new healthy eating plan. The scary part is those negative people are likely stuffing fast foods, processed snacks, and GMO foods down their mouths! Let’s take a minute to point out who is crazy and who is literally killing themselves! We saw this in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead many times!

Since I hear from so many patients and Rebooters who encounter these types of folks, I want to help you stick with your plan without being affected by those around you who don’t support you.

One personal story: One of my patients was eating a colourful salad and a juice at lunch at a large medical centre. She had just expressed to me how wonderful she was feeling until one of the doctors came in, while smoking and drinking a can of diet coke, and told her she was crazy and wasting her time for starting a health plan with a nutritionist. My patient felt intimidated and belittled by these comments. Perhaps her colleague was threatened that she was making changes he felt incapable of making for himself?

Don’t let people take your power away and stop you from making decisions that feel right and beneficial to you!

Here are some important points to remember during your journey toward health:

1.) Spend time talking to people that are like minded.
Whether this is by connecting with people in our community or with like-minded friends and family, there are plenty of people who will provide great support to you by offering ideas and discussing any of your concerns.

2.) Be careful of others sabotaging your success.
Unfortunately, people may be threatened by change which can be unsettling for some. This can come from even your closest friends, family, partners or colleagues (they may not even realise this themselves). Some may be scared that their wife, husband or friend may change once they are a happier healthier version of themselves with more self-esteem and confidence. I often see this in couples and friendships and often family where food addiction is a common theme and is encouraged.

3.) Don’t be put off because someone you know tried it and it didn’t work for them.
They may not have really committed themselves or it may not have been the right time for them to embark on their health journey.

4.) Listen to positive people rather than the negative!
This will help you keep focused and improve your own success.

5.) Read the fantastic Reboot testimonials we have on the site.
Perhaps read one profile everyday while you are taking on the Reboot challenge. This will keep you focused and positive.

6.) Visualise your goals and see yourself exactly as you want to see yourself!
It may include running in the park with your kids, achieving physical fitness, a beautiful glowing complexion, completing a marathon, losing that unwanted weight, fitting into a favourite outfit. See this picture of yourself daily!

7.) Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Again.
And any other health related movies that inspire you like Hungry for Change, Food Matters, etc.

8.) Recommend FSND to the negative people.
Also encourage them to read the testimonials. They may soon join you on your journey. I often see the most negative people became the strongest advocates.

9.) Remain positive throughout your journey.
This can be difficult on the days where you may be experiencing symptoms of headaches and lethargy, but stay positive and learn how to combat the ups and downs of a Reboot!

10.) Remember to reach out to the Reboot Community.
If you are stuck, we are here to help you – this is what this community is for!

We hear from so many people about how the Reboot has changed their life! An immense amount of gratitude is expressed for all the wonderful changes to their health that has occurred and the positive changes that have been brought to their everyday life.

And remember if you have any concerns ask us! We can help you! We provide Guided Reboots led by experienced coaches, and we also have an Ask the Nutritionist forum where you can get answers from any of our trained reboot nutritionist’s!

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