Spread Some Holiday Cheer

The 2011 holiday season is officially here! Life seems to get even busier than usual with parties, shopping, holiday cooking, travel, just to name a few. This time of year is all about looking back and reflecting on the past year and facing forward with the promise of a happy and healthy new year. With the holiday fun times, family, friends and of course lots and lots of food creeping into our every day life sticking with your juice fast or Reboot, starting a new one or preparing to kick it off come January 1st may seem a bit overwhelming. Let’s take this opportunity to talk through some healthy holiday tips. We’d love to hear yours too!


Give the gift of health


Whether it’s Reboot swag, copy of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a juicer, CSA subscription (www.localharvest.org), gift card to your local health food store, gym membership, pedometer, fresh veggie platter, massage or acupuncture treatment or a plant-based based cook book, giving your loved ones something meaningful and good for them is a wonderful way to show you care. (We’re getting my father-in-law his first juicer!)


Drink up for good health!


Forget the holiday party hangover. Juice up your favorite fresh veggies and fruits for a healthy beverage to share with your guests that will leave you all feeling energetic. Use a fancy glass to show off your festive beverage.


Have self-compassion.


Being at a party full of cookies, cakes, pies and martinis may lead to indulgences you didn’t plan for. Try to move forward and get back to juice and vegetables as soon as you can. Be sure to reach out to us in the Reboot community for some loving kindness and support. We are all human and eating or drinking something off your healthy list is OK and won’t negate all the amazing benefits you’ve gained from your Reboot or healthy eating in the weeks past or for the days ahead.


Fruitcake doesn’t count as fruit.


I don’t agree that pizza is a vegetable either (for those of you not in the US check out the media blitz on the “pizza as a vegetable” subject!) Fruitcake or fruit snacks may have the word fruit in the title but they are not exactly full of nature’s goodness. Instead, reach for some fresh fruit as a beautiful spread to bring to that holiday party.


Don’t go to a party hungry.


This is seriously the most important thing you can do. Take the “edge” off of your hunger by having a juice or small veggie/fresh fruit snack about an hour before your party. Being less hungry will help you to choose foods and fluids you feel good about and be able spend more time socializing with others.


Drink plenty of water.


This will help to keep both your energy and your metabolism up.


Stay active.


Making time for physical activity is a great way to curb stress, boost energy and keep those pesky excess holiday pounds or kilos at bay. Go for a walk around the block, pump some iron, flow through yoga, hike in the snow or jog on the beach, whatever gets your heart pumping!


Make sleep a priority.


We all tend to burn the candle at both ends as the saying goes this time of year. Taking care of you is important. Sleep is key for making good choices and keeping metabolism and immunity high.


Make time for me (meaning you 🙂 )


The busy holiday season often means working hard to make things joyful for everyone else. This is wonderful but don’t forget about taking time to do something nice for you too. Allowing just a moment to decompress and focus on you is another healthy lifestyle habit we need for long term wellness. Whether it’s taking an extended hot shower or bath, listening to your favorite song, simply slowing down to breathe or splurging on something you’ve had your eye on, these little acts of self-kindness can go a long way.


Give back.


The holiday season is an excellent reminder for us all to count our blessings and be grateful for what we have. Everywhere around the world there are so many people in need. Donating to your favorite charity or volunteering locally https://www.serve.gov/ are just a few ideas for how you can make a difference.


Most of all have fun!


Here’s more on navigating social events. https://jointhereboot.com/fun-in-the-sun/


Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holidays!