Six-Days Until Your Reboot Begins

The countdown continues and we are now 6 days away from beginning our 3-Day Big New Year’s Reboot. As you get closer to the start of your Reboot, we recommend that you begin to slowly lessen your caffeine intake and omit certain foods from your diet. And remember, it’s important to follow these suggestions because by gradually making changes to your diet and mindset before your Reboot starts, you will help reduce the shock to your system physically, mentally, emotionally and logistically and lessen the intensity of potential side effects that often come with a Reboot in the first few days.


Here are a few helpful tips for today:


1. If you consume caffeine (in the form of coffee, tea, soda, or energy drinks), cut your caffeine intake in half. You can do this by having ½ decaf and ½ regular coffee. Drink no more than 3 cups of your caffeinated beverage – 1 or 2 are ideal. Cut out sweetening with conventional milk or cream and sugar, especially artificial sugar substitutes. Instead, sweeten with coconut sugar or stevia and use organic milk. Or better yet, try non-dairy milks like coconut milk and almond milk since you’ll completely omit dairy on Day 4.


2. If you eat animal products, (red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, and cheese), choose organic, locally sourced, or wild products.


3. Switch to natural sugars like honey, pure maple syrup, stevia or molasses. Cut out anything that contains white sugar or corn syrup.


4. Remove all processed food from your diet. Processed foods include candy bars, chips, cookies, packaged snacks, sugary cereals, and most boxed foods. Use your best judgment: if an ingredient list is long and you can’t pronounce some of the ingredients, then it’s processed junk food.


5. Continue to drink a fresh juice every day. For juice recipes visit www.rebootwithjoe.com/recipes


7. Drink Water! Drink 64-72 oz. (2 litres) of water.


Happy New Year and Juice On!