Seasonal: Farm to Table Carrots

I might be the type of person who tends to use superlatives or excess exclamation points but trust me when I tell you, the ‘BEST’ salad in NYC happens to be the Roasted Carrot and Avocado salad from ABC Kitchen.  (They also have juices on the menu!)  The roasted spiced carrots mix so well with the creamy avocado and the seeds and sprouts give a great texture.   I loved this salad the first time I tried it, and now, it’s impossible for me to go to this restaurant without ordering it.

So when I picked up my CSA box and saw local, organic carrots and a gorgeous head of escarole, I instantly thought of my favorite salad.  My interpretation may not have been quite as transcendent as the real thing, but it was still pretty darn delicious!

Click here for my Roasted Carrots and Avocado Salad.

Make this salad and you’ll reap the many benefits of Carrots. Here are few reasons they should be on your plate this season:

Carrots are…

Rich in Vitamin A: Responsible for maintaining the health of your eyes by retaining their ability to changes in light and maintains necessary moisture and mucus levels of your eyes. No more red, itchy eyes!

Rich in Vitamin K: Contributes to bone strength and kidney health, and your blood’s ability to clot.

Rich in Vitamin C: Keeps your immune system healthy, maintains strong teeth and gums, and helps your body absorb iron.

High in Fiber: Helps you feel fuller longer to maintain a healthy weight and promotes bowel regularity. One carrot has 2 g of fiber.

High in Potassium: Ability to reduce your risk of stroke, high blood pressure and anxiety and improves the health of your muscles, heart and nervous system.

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