Red Meat May Be More Harmful Than You Think

Interesting research coming out of Harvard School of Public Health this week shows a link between daily consumption of red meat and serious illness, including cancer and heart disease.  The risk goes up when the red meat in question is highly processed.  Think: Steak vs. Hot Dogs.

Robert Bazell, NBC’s chief science and medical correspondent, explains the research well in this piece for NBC news.

And in an interesting analogy, Kathy Freston relies on this latest research to make the statement that “meat is the new tobacco“!  If you’ve seen Joe Cross speak during the last year, you may have heard him suggest a similar concept.  Joe will often predict that in 30 years, people will look back on the way our society eats today in the same way we look at the heavy smoking and daytime drinking habits portrayed in the popular tv show, Mad Men — With Disbelief!  With these new findings, perhaps it won’t take 30 years, after all.

What does this research mean to you?  Do you envision society embracing taking note and trending toward a less meat-focused diet?