One-on-one with Reboot’s Diabetes Expert

The 60-Day Guided Reboot for Diabetes has changed hundreds of lives. It helps participants lose weight, balance blood sugar levels, reduce medications and completely transform their lives. Rhaya Jordan, the Reboot Nutritionist who developed this plan and now runs the program, has been a diabetes expert for ten years and knows what it takes to improve the lifestyles of those with diabetes. I interviewed her so you can learn more about what the Guided Reboot for Diabetes has to offer, and how it can help change your life too. If you like what you see, consider signing up for our upcoming 60-Day Guided Reboot for Diabetes. You might become our next success story, just like Steve.

Q: Okay, Rhaya, we all want to know how much of an impact do you believe juicing can have on type 2 diabetes?

A: I think it is huge.  Our new Rebooters tend to underestimate how sick they really are and how the food they are eating is sucking the energy right out of them. With juicing, ‘food’ becomes simple. You can step back, give your body a break and start to feel well again. It gives you the chance to seriously reevaluate your relationship with food.

The other thing about juicing is the volume of micronutrients in the juice. Juicing is the only way I know that you can reduce your calories while increasing the amount of nutrition you are consuming.  I believe that some of our Rebooters are better nourished in 3 weeks of juicing than they may have been for the last 12 months.

Q: Why does this Guided Reboot in particular benefit those with type 2 and pre-diabetes?

A: We talk a lot about our 80:20 rule at Reboot, but once our Rebooters are settled in and getting used to how their body responds to juice we begin to 90:10 our juices.  So in general, our juices begin similarly to others in Guided Reboots but they are always under about 45 grams of carbs and then we progressively make them less sweet as people begin to adjust to the new regimen.

During the 60-Day Guided Reboot for Diabetes, I teach how to incorporate protein and good fats to help reduce blood glucose levels.  Things get very individual very quickly in these groups, as people begin to learn to manage their sugars in ways that make them feel well and satisfied.   In my last group, for example, we had more hybrid Rebooters, meaning those who also ate fruits and vegetables, than people only juicing.  In my last group, I had lots of Rebooters juicing only for even longer than 25 days.  Everyone is different and I emphasize and support the participants to do what’s best for their bodies.

Q: What would you say to someone who is worried about their sugar intake on a juice cleanse?

A: This is a core piece of the Guided Reboot. A Reboot always entails the 80:20 rule for everyone to follow.  If you are worried about sweetness in juices, you can plunge into going 90:10 on your juices straight away.  However, you probably don’t need to.

If you strive too closely for a “sugar-free” juice, you may be restricting yourself of flavor that can make the juice cleanse easier for you.  It is so much better to have your juices with a touch of sweetness while also tasting delicious.  In the long run, you will end up healthier than the strict perfectionist who spins in and out of juices with no apples or pears at all.  In saying that, the juices in our program are low in sugar..  The other confusion is that naturally sweetness in vegetables and fruit comes in a package with so much good nutrition that refined sugar doesn’t.  They might both be the same chemical structure but with nutrition context is everything.  Don’t fall into the trap of equating a sweet carrot with a cream cake!  They won’t lead to the same heath outcomes for you!!!

Q: What are the most common improvements you see in participant’s health?

A: One of the first signs is the reduction of inflammation in their body – aches and pains start to become a thing of the past.  Next, Rebooters’ blood pressure begins to lower, their skin becomes clearer and suppler, and once they are through the first week, the energy is “life-changing.”

And of course, people’s blood sugars begin to stabilize and drop.  It is worth talking a little more about blood pressure as this is particularly important.  Keeping your blood pressure down reduces risks to your health that high blood sugar gives you, like stroke and heart disease.  It is an incredibly important part of healing that Reboot really reliably helps with.

Q: If there’s one thing you could say to someone interested in this program with type 2 or pre-diabetes, what would it be?

A: I would say that the 60-Day Guided Reboot for Diabetes is not just a diet program.  It is about community, support and education and I work really hard to help each individual learn how to manage their own diabetes.   Stay in touch, participate in the group and together we can set you up to keep getting more and more well each year.  Having a coach and a group means we can do so much to teach you how to look after yourself.  I’m not just there to babysit you and make sure you drink your juice!  That is the dieting mentality and it is not what we are about.  Don’t be scared!  I’d love to work with you.

If you’re interested in Rebooting with the support of a Reboot Nutritionist and fellow Rebooters, learn more about our Guided Reboot and sign up today.