Tracey’s Reboot Improved Her MS and Kept Her Out Of A Wheelchair

Name: Tracey Wilson
Age: 47
Location: Liverpool, UK

Tracey’s Story:
I rediscovered juicing again after seeing a green juice on my friend’s Facebook page. I have MS and at that time was really struggling with low energy, brain fog, gaining weight at a very quick rate due to my lack of mobility which of course was impacting further on my ill-health. 

In June last year, I thought I was a month away from a wheelchair. I began adding juices into my daily routine and felt better for it. I tried a juice fast but only managed two days before beginning to feel poorly so I stopped. Then I went to a juice retreat in Spain. I was told to try a three day juice only diet before moving on to a vegan diet. I was quite trepidacious about doing three days but as I had been cutting out a lot of unhealthy foods prior to my retreat, by day two, I started to feel better. In fact, by day three I felt better than I had in years so decided to continue for the whole of my seven day stay. 

It was a revelation. Most of the symptoms I’d attributed to the MS began to disappear and it became obvious that it was merely the crap I was eating. I returned home and continued to juice only for another seven days and in total lost a stone (14 lbs) in 14 days. 

Since last June I have lost 3 stone (42 lbs) and counting. I now regularly Reboot with juice cleanses and the weight is going slowly in the right direction. My diet isn’t perfect as it is a work in progress but I’m still not in a wheelchair and I exercise daily. As far as I’m concerned, discovering juicing opened up a whole world for me. It is changing my palate so that I don’t want to eat any processed garbage. My diet now consists of a high proportion of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I wouldn’t say my MS is cured by any means but I do have more energy and vitality which helps me cope with the other challenges it presents. Onwards and upwards!