Reboot Walking Program


Exercise will be an important part of the lifestyle changes you are making this year. Don’t worry if you aren’t currently active – the Big New Year’s Reboot is a great time to create a new habit and start a gentle exercise program.

During the first three days of any Reboot we recommend keeping your physical activity at a moderate to low level of intensity – walking is ideal. It can positively impact your quality of life, you can do it almost anywhere, and there’s no equipment needed. Ideally, it’s great to take your walk outside (weather permitting), but if that isn’t possible a treadmill is also an option, (or even making a couple laps around the house!).

Below is a recording from the Reboot Trainer, Radan Sturm, introducing you to a low intensity walking program. You can download the file and listen in real-time – it’s the next best thing to having Radan with you whilst you walk!

There are a few things to remember before you start:

Quality footwear: a pair of good quality sneakers or runners is a must. If you’ve had the same pair for over 12 months, it’s time to upgrade.

Don’t skip the warm up; your body needs time to adapt to any changes in intensity, especially if you have been predominantly sedentary lately.

Take small steps; you will notice that we have set the program to music so aim to step in time to the beat, this will shorten your stride. This limits the amount of pressure on your ankles, knees and hips

• Lastly, be sure to follow our cool down and then take 10 minutes to complete our stretches. It’ll leave you feeling great and ready to go again the next day!

After your third day of juicing, you will likely feel your energy levels increase and you may want to participate in more strenuous forms of exercise. For more workouts with Radan, try the Reboot Movement Method.