Reboot TLC

When we change or diets, we often find our emotions, moods, and energy can change as well. If you are participating in a Reboot, I highly recommend giving more than just your digestion a break by giving yourself some TLC.

Here’s a few tips for thriving during a Reboot:

  • Go easy on the exercise- dance in your living room, go for a walk, or do some light yoga but don’t push yourself too hard
  • Catch up with a good friend
  • Watch or read something funny
  • Meditate or spend time reflecting on the incredible gift you are giving your body
  • Take a warm bath. Light candles, listen to soothing music, and soak in some steam
  • Connect with other members of the Reboot Community and be each others cheerleaders and support
  • Take a moment of gratitude before sipping your juice
  • Breathe in some fresh air
  • Journal. If your emotions are piling up under the surface, let them out with a paper and pen.
  • Get to bed early. Your body may want extra rest so let it have it!

Participating in a Reboot is one of the best things you can do for body, mind, and spirit. Enjoy the journey and give yourself a huge pat on the back for making it this far!