As a celebrated health and wellness leader, Joe Cross inspires others to get healthy and lose weight through juicing and eating more plants and vegetables. His programs are designed to help you achieve your personal health goals as well as guide you to help others meet theirs.

Find out how eating more fruits and vegetables can change your life.

15 Day Guided Reboot Plan
Get the support and guidance you need to get healthy, lose weight and be happy.

The Juicing Certification
Share your passion for a plant based diet with others. Introduce family, friends and clients to a plant based diet and a Reboot plan.

15 Day Guided Reboot

Get everything you need to get healthy lose maintain a healthy weight.

• Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists
• Weekly zoom calls with a Reboot coach
• Lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle*

15 Day Guided Reboot Success Story

“I lost more weight in 15 days than I did in 6 months”

Debbie T.

Juicing Certification

Transform your personal passion for wellness, juicing  and a plant-based lifestyle into a mission to help others. Learn about juicing, nutrition, and best practices for working with others to find improved health, better energy, more restful sleep, and the weight loss they may have thought impossible.

A Juicing Certification Success Story

“Informative plant-based diet guide helping our family to a healthier future!

Dana A.