Pomegranate Watermelon Juice – Recipe of the Week

Pomegranates were looking so lovely in the fruit market I just had to take them home. I was interested to see how much juice I could juice from these as I had not juiced pomegranates before, I was pleasantly surprised. If you prefer you can blend these up and add them to any fruit and vegetable juice.

Pomegranate juice contains vitamin C, vitamin B5, potassium and natural phenols, such as ellagitannins and flavonoids.  Pomegranates are high in potent anti-oxidants and research has shown they can reduce blood pressure, LDL cholesterol oxidation and it also has shown a cholesterol lowering effect in type 2 diabetic patients.

Pomegranates have also been shown to reduce the incidence of influenza, this being particularly helpful for Australians as the flu season is in full force.


  • 2 pomegranates
  • 2 cups (500g) Watermelon
  • 2-3 sticks of Celery
  • 1 /2 – 1 Ruby Grapefruit (optional – to reduce the sweetness if it’s too sweet for your taste)



  1. Wash all produce well.
  2. Peel and remove the seeds from the pomegranate. Easiest way is to cut the pomegranate into 4 quarters and turn them inside out and remove the seeds. It doesn’t matter if you get some of the white matter as this contains a natural anti-viral compound. (This can be a little bitter). Don’t wear a white top like I did while doing this.
  3. Chop the watermelon.
  4.  Juice and pour over ice.

Servings: 1

Serving Size: 16 - 18 oz (500 ml)


  • Watermelon – ruby grapefruit, orange, mandarin, apple
  • Pomegranate – cherries, red grapes, raspberries, strawberries
  • Celery – Cucumber, zucchini, lime, cabbage, apple, spinach, kale
  • Ruby Grapefruit – orange, mandarin, lemon