Phil & Bear: Where are they now?

One of the most common questions we hear after someone sees “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” is always: “How are Phil and Bear doing?” Well, we talk to the Brothers all the time, and here are some updates in their own words!

Hi Phil & Bear, How are you doing these days?

PHIL: I am doing well with respect to eating habits, I am following Dr Fuhrman’s diet in his book and exercising (cardio, walks and weights).

BEAR: I am also doing well. I’m back to work and eating a lot healthier. I even eat brussel sprouts now!

What has been the biggest challenge for you since embracing the Reboot lifestyle?

PHIL: I really have had no big health challenges since juicing. I am still Urticaria free and off of my meds! Maybe a cold here or there, but not much else.

BEAR: I haven’t fully embraced juice-fasting yet because of health concerns, but I do juice. I especially like the fruit juices that my wife makes. The biggest challenge? Not to eat a lot of meat during the week like I used to!

How do you stay motivated during the hard moments?

PHIL: I stay motivated by thinking of all the people whose lives the film will change. Joe, and all involved, have made such a loving, wonderful film that touches the heart and soul of the people that see it. So many people have messaged me at how inspiring it is, and that right after they saw it they went out and bought fruits, vegetables and even juicers!

BEAR: My wife and kids keep me motivated and grounded when times seem rough.

How would you describe the impact that being a part of “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” has had on your life?

PHIL: Wow how can I describe what being a part of this documentary has meant to me. All the messages from people whose lives the film is changing for the healthier… It’s a blessing to me.

BEAR: It has changed a good portion of my life in regard to food choices. It made me give up Spam!!

What advice would you like to give to others considering a Reboot or a lifestyle change?

PHIL: Please stick with it the first 4 days, I promise you all the detoxing and the feelings will be over soon. On day 4, you will feel great and the rest of the Reboot will be a blast. You will feel better, lose weight, and your body chemistry will be where your doctor wants it. All the doc will be able to do is smile and shake his head at the ease of it all.

BEAR: Go for it! Look how it helped Joe and Phil! Don’t let others tell you they have a better way…This is the way to go!

What is your favorite juice or vegetable-based dish?

PHIL: Well my favorite juice based recipe is hard to say because I like almost all of the juices I make. The “Mean Green” is still high on the list. Now that it’s Summer, I’m leaning towards more fruit. As for food, spinach salads are very delicious mixed with the right healthy ingredients.

BEAR: I like homemade vegetarian bean burgers a lot. I also love a pineapple, apple, orange juice in the morning occasionally.

Juice On!