What Happens When You Do a 60-Day Guided Reboot for Thyroid?

When you have a thyroid condition, it can feel lonely and frustrating. Diagnosis is difficult, and even once you know what’s wrong, it can really feel like you’re stuck. The good news is you can still lose weight and manage your condition. We’ve seen incredible, life-changing results from our participants in the 60-Day Guided Reboot for Thyroid.

We’re so thrilled when participants share stories of triumph, whether it’s losing weight, reducing medications or improving day-to-day health. Read on for a few of our very favorite quotes. Want to be our next Thyroid Guided Reboot success story? Sign up!

I feel so happy that I signed up. I feel it has definitely Rebooted my thyroid, which was the major aim…. I had tried EVERYTHING to lose weight – including being gluten free, dairy free and nearly starving myself. Over about two years, with a lot of hard work I had gone down about 4lbs – compared to 16lbs in 28 days on the Reboot. I feel satisfied, full and well-nourished. I have not put on any weight since restarting the eating phase and sometimes I am eating big veggie meals. I lost 16 lbs and have better energy levels in years. I also feel I can cope with all of my stresses again. — Colleen, age 56

“This reboot journey has been so much more than just a physical one. I’m so happy that I listened to my gut feeling and signed up. I really feel empowered on a whole new level than I ever have before and even though I thought I knew a lot about the body and health matters. ” — Angie

I loved everything about it. I feel like superman. The group I was in was so helpful and supportive. We understood each other and truly cared what happened to each other. This meant that we strived to do our best for ourselves and each other. Thanks to Claire (our nutritionist) I had answers to every question that popped up in my head. I felt confident that I’m doing the right thing and that I’ll not make the mistakes I did before to go back to my old self again! I recommend it to anyone, especially if you’re shy. Buy into it hook, line and sinker. Be kind to yourself, learn, listen, and give a little to gain a lot.” Juicing and plant-based eating have recharged by body. My taste-buds have become experts. Everything tastes different. Sugar no longer controls my life. I feel great. The 60 Day Thyroid reboot has helped my hormones to functioning at their optimum.

“I love the care and thoughtfulness that was provided by the coach. I will remain part of the Reboot with Joe Community. It is a community that makes you feel welcome, cares about how you feel, wants to help and listen and wants you to be healthy.” — Marion, age 51

After the first 10 days I had so much energy! I no longer felt that I want to spend the evening on the couch watching movie but instead I was catching up with my house work and getting ready for the next day. I start sleeping thru the night and that made my day going smoothly and with less stress at work! Those two were huge improvements for me! I lost weight and that came as bonus…. I’m thankful for all the help I received and I’m still enjoying the compliments from the people around me how great I look! The most important part is that I’m proud of myself.” — Lina, age 40

“My thyroid health has definitely improved. I no longer have naps during the day. My energy is up a hundred percent! Yahoo!” — Sally

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