Nutty Bunny Smoothie

Whenever I spot a new juice bar opening, I always have to go in, check out their menu and give one of their unique juices or smoothies a try. Not only to enjoy one for myself, but also to get inspired with new recipe ideas to make in the Reboot Kitchen! Recently, a new juice bar opened up right across from my gym (convenience is key) called the Vitamin Chick and they have an amazing variety of new recipes. Once I’m finished a workout, it’s near impossible to not pop in there and enjoy a new flavor! My favorite combination that they offer so far is a mix of carrot juice, ginger, honey, cinnamon, almond milk, flaxseed and frozen banana. I’m not even a huge ginger fan but this is the exception.
I took it upon myself to try my own version in the Reboot Kitchen and it was perfect. With the help of my colleague, Sophie, we sliced and diced a few ingredients to achieve a taste we loved even more. Carrots are high on my “must consume a lot” list right now because I am getting married in 25 days and want my skin to be in its best shape! The beta carotene is converted to vitamin A inside the body which helps repair skin tissue and protect from sun damage. That’s a good thing too since my wedding is in Florida!

Here’s this must-try recipe: