Juice and The Art of Health

No Mi and Dawa Raphael Che are a creative couple and contemporary circus duo that are passionate about rock climbing, healthy living, and performing arts. As their passion for healthy living expanded, they went to China to study and become certified in qigong, meditation, and nutritional cleansing. Inspired by the Reboot with Joe community, they joined the Juicing Certification program to add Juice Detoxes to their growing Melbourne healing practice.


Our Clients’ Results

  • Weight loss
  • Migraine relief
  • Radiant skin
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • A new zest for life

Why we did the Juicing Certification: Joe’s community inspired our practice

We were already very health conscious before finding Reboot with Joe. No Mi is the third generation of a family of vegetarians, and for the past eleven years, she has been a gluten-free vegan.

This rubbed off on her husband Dawa, who had a typical Australia diet during his childhood with plenty of delicious pasta, meat and ice-cream desserts! His process to become a gluten-free vegan was very challenging physically and emotionally. But now he is happy to say he no longer suffers from allergies (something that plagued him since he was 8 years old), and his mental clarity and energy are incredible.

We were living in China for four years studying the ancient healing techniques of qigong, meditation and nutritional cleansing. As we are both such inspired and eternal students, we are always looking out for new books and documentaries on the topic of health – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

When we found Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, not only did Joe’s Australian accent strum our heart chords (having been away from the country for so long), but we also loved the sense of community and support that it encouraged.

We felt the juicing approach to healing was also very fun and enjoyable and wanted to deepen our knowledge on the subject.

Wherever we are, having a green juice is our daily ritual!

For the past two years we have both been on a mostly raw diet and the integration of juicing essentially feels like an explosion of energy, nourishment and inspiration in our lives!

We are always creating new juice and smoothie combinations and sharing them with our family, friends and clients. One of our favorite recipes that we created is The Bugs Bunny and Popeye Lovechild.

Wobbly Recipes - The Bugs Bunny & Popeye Love Child stamped

During our four years in China we traveled a lot and brought the juicer and blender with us EVERYWHERE! Every hotel room bathroom became our juicing and blending kitchen … it was always very funny to see the reactions of the staff and especially the cleaners!

(Note: We do not recommend this diet for everyone, as diet is such a personal thing. We advocate a whole food diet and encourage people to find what works best for them.)

Wobbly Spoon integrates mind, body and spiritual health

We have our own company called Wobbly Spoon, which is based in Melbourne. We support people through their healing journeys with qigong classes, meditation classes, nutritional cleansing programs, self-healing retreats, massage, essential oils and art therapy.

In both our personal lifestyle and in our workshops, we create menu plans in line with the juicing principles we learned in the Reboot with Joe Juicing Certification course. Specifically, we use the 80% vegetable / 20% fruit rule and in terms of when in the day to balance red, yellow, green and purple juices.

We view healing and creativity as inseparable arts

Beginning as a contemporary circus duo, our love of physical creative expression naturally evolved into a passion for health and well-being.

We are both passionate rock climbers, so being in nature and eating delicious nourishing foods were always interwoven into our lives. We adored the performing arts, but we were in search of deeper levels of healing, sharing and supporting those around us.

Taoist Tikis

No Mi is a qualified Creative Arts Therapist, which addresses emotional and mental health well-being. Qigong, meditation, detox and juicing all address the physical and spiritual levels of health. We feel the combination makes for a very holistic approach to healing.

Our Juice Detox clients have reached new levels of health

We had one client who had starting drinking coffee at the age of 6! From the age of 19 to 59, she suffered terrible migraines regularly and simply couldn’t function at all when these occurred.

After guiding her through a personalized two week ‘eating and juicing plan’ with additional qigong and meditation classes, she came off coffee completely after a 53-year addiction.

Her energy was incredible. Her mind was clear and she lost some weight, too—which made her feel more comfortable and connected to her body (though that had not been the aim of her reboot). To this day, she continues to juice daily, and she hasn’t had a migraine since.

We also guided a very healthy yoga teacher/raw food chef through a cleansing process, and she experienced emotional balance, mental clarity and focus and breakthroughs in yoga postures that had been problematic for years. Which goes to show it doesn’t matter where you are in your healing journey … cleansing the body, mind and spirit is for everyone!

Our community continues to blossom and shine

We have been so blessed to support a range of clients on their healing journeys, all of whom have reported weight loss, improved cholesterol levels, radiant skin and a new zest for life.

They all have their own juicers now and have one green juice daily. As a general they also eat more raw vegetables and fruits and far less junk food, processed foods and heavy meats.

We focus on shifting mental, emotional and physical perspectives at a natural rhythm, and celebrating the small victories. We keep in contact with them all regularly as we care most about supporting consistency in their healing journey.

What we’d tell someone who was considering the Juicing Certification

There is such a wealth of information offered in a clear, concise and practical way to share and guide a client through a Reboot. This was particularly refreshing for us after all our study, as it helped us share our knowledge in a more simple and easy to understand way. The course also offers advice about how to start your business, which again was a wonderful support.