New to Juicing? Try These Juices to Get You Started!

Many people are afraid to jump onto the juicing bandwagon.  It is intimidating and somewhat scary.  You are going from solid foods to liquids.  Many of us are jumping from nutritionally dead food to super food.  The uncertainty is overwhelming, especially if you do not know too much about food and nutrition to start off with.  There will be a thousand questions going through your mind and most of them will make you not want to start juicing.

Having discussed how to effectively start juicing with my great friend and foodie partner Jessica, we came to the conclusion that it was important that we start sharing simple but effective recipes for you to try.  It was hard for me (even as a food service professional) to know where to start when I finally decided to juice, so I started easy.  I took baby steps and had to gain confidence and knowledge before trying to run.  Based on that, we will post a new and easy juice on a weekly basis.  As time goes on, we will be posting more intense and complicated super juices.  We will also be posting some great food recipes for you to try once you have reached your target but let’s focus on juice for right now.

We want to help you.  As both chefs and food lovers, we can cut through the uncertainty.  We have been through the ups and downs of food.  We breathe food. We work with food every day.  We read, research, explore, watch documentaries, experiment and try all our recipes out before posting them to you.

Personally over the years as an Executive Chef, I gained weight to an unhealthy level. I have lost 80 lbs/36 kg over the last 9 months. Read my full story. I started off with a 30 day juice fast and still juice once or twice a day as I crave the nutritional goodness of the juices.  I now supplement my diet with healthy meals as I am close to my target weight and I like being physically active.

You can do this!  If you are looking at the Reboot with Joe website and reading this, you already have 95% of the willpower and awesomeness.  I work in a kitchen with cookies, bread, sauces, cakes, delicious dishes everywhere, all the time and I did it (and am still doing it).

We hope that our recipes will inspire and help you. Have faith! don’t underestimate the power that you have within you:

Rainbow  Summer Juice 

Grape & Golden Beet Juice