Mixing It Up with The Blender Girl

There’s a big difference between blending and juicing, but they’re both a healthy way to deliver a huge jolt of micronutrients to your body. If Joe Cross and Reboot with Joe are synonymous with juicing, then our pal (and fellow Aussie) Tess Masters, a.k.a The Blender Girl, is synonymous with blending!

Her new book, The Blender Girl Smoothies is packed with 100 no-fail drink recipes in every color of the rainbow, plus suggestions for upping the nutrient benefit with some easy add-ins. For example: add a pinch of sea salt to all your smoothies as a simple way to replenish electrolytes, stimulate your lymphatic system, and neutralize acidity. What a great idea!

Recipes are organized to suit your mood, such as “light and fruity” and “clean and green,” and include tips on which combos can boost your energy, detox the body, and fight inflammation. Our favorites so far? The protein-rich Brownie Batter Smoothie, which tastes like you’re licking the bowl, and the inflammation-fighting Green Mojito, with mint, kale, lime, and pineapple (no rum required).

Tess is a terrific advocate for living a happy, plant-based lifestyle. She’s also the author of the original The Blender Girl Cookbook. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Check out her new book, and stay tuned — we’ll be sharing a recipe from the book next week!