Minister drops 5 pant sizes & preaches new gospel

Michael Belcher was overweight and had joint issues. When his doctor warned that his eating habits had him heading toward pre-diabetes, he knew something had to change. After watching both of Joe’s movies, he committed to a 30-Day Guided Reboot. Not only did he lose over 70 pounds (and counting)*, he discovered a new passion—to help others get healthy through juicing.


My Results

  • I dropped 5 pants sizes*
  • I’m down 70 pounds (and counting!)*
  • My cholesterol levels improved*
  • My blood pressure numbers are lower*
  • I feel less stiff in my joints
  • My skin has a glow to it
  • I’m inspired to coach others to better health through juicing!

Why I Rebooted: To reduce my cholesterol and lose weight

I first heard about Joe Cross from the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

I was overweight, and I was dealing with some health issues. I got arthroscopic surgery on my left knee in December 2016, leaving me with a swollen and stiffening knee.

But despite Joe’s inspiring story, I wasn’t ready to Reboot right away.

I got 3 wake-up calls before committing to myself

The first one was when my high school friend said, “Michael you really gained a lot of weight.” I remember walking back to my car and saying to myself, “I’ve got to do something about this!”

My doctor confirmed it, telling me that if I didn’t change my diet, I could become borderline diabetic.

And watching Joe’s follow-up, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 finally helped me make the commitment to myself.

30 Days Guided… followed by a bonus 30 Days on my own!

I started my 30 Day Guided Reboot on the first day of Lent this year. I ended up doing an extra 30 Day Reboot on my own just because I felt so amazing.

As a result, I lost over 70 lbs and dropped 5 pant sizes!*

My numbers improved, too. I dropped 10 points in cholesterol, and my blood pressure went from 119/74 down to 104/61. *

What surprised me: improvement in my skin and joints

People were telling me that my skin was glowing! I started appearing younger, as if time had reversed.*

I also noticed that the inflammation in my knee had been greatly reduced. I didn’t feel so stiff anymore.

Now, I’m speaking in a summer wellness program

I’m a Minister at Renaissance Unity, and I’ve been invited to speak at my church’s summer wellness program in June. I’ll be sharing the benefits of juicing and doing a juice fast, as well as sharing about my Reboot and recent weight loss. It’s all thanks to Joe’s inspirational story.

My next step: Reboot with Joe’s Juicing Certification

Juicing has ignited a passion for health and fitness in me. I’m looking forward to taking the Reboot with Joe Juicing Certification course.

My goal is becoming a Spiritual Health and Wellness Coach in an effort to change lives one person at a time.

What I wish I knew so I would have Rebooted sooner…

You really can’t afford not to Reboot, not to get healthy, and not to give the cells of your body the life giving nutrients they’ve been dying to get!

Reboot and live your best life!

30 day guided reboot success story