Listen to Joe On These Health Podcasts

Besides making movies, I love talking to other people in the wellness world and have sat down with so many amazing folks to tell my story. I love talking about juice-related topics, and sometimes I veer off health topics to discuss life, music and so much other stuff.

For some, podcasts are a daily thing but others may not have listened to one yet and don’t know what the world of podcasts is all about.

A podcast is just like a radio show. It can take many forms, but many of them long (or short) conversations with usually one or two guests. You can listen to a podcast on your smart phone or on your laptop.

I’ve been a guest on many podcasts and always love the chance to elevate the conversation away from the sound bites of daily life and get into the detail of it all.

I love listening to podcasts on walks, while driving, while juicing at home or while working in the garden. They keep me motivated and help me learn the latest info in the health world.

I have an iPhone so I use the podcast app on my phone and I use it to search and store my favorites. You can use the podcast app on your phone or search online to find some of your favorites.

Here’s a list of my podcast appearances. Thanks for listening!

Plant Yourself Podcast hosted by Howard Jacobson: http://plantyourself.com/joe-cross-pyp-334 (August 5, 2019)

Hailey Miller’s How We’ll Live Podcast: https://www.hailey-miller.com/podcast/going-beyond-the-juice-with-entrepreneur-author-filmmaker-and-wellness-advocate-joe-cross (May 23, 2019)

The Food Matters Podcast: https://www.foodmatters.com/podcast/episode-20-fat-sick-nearly-dead-how-juicing-was-remedy-joe-cross (Episode 20, May 13, 2019)

Nine Dots Media Podcast: https://ninedotsmedia.com/s2e2-joe-cross-ready-to-reboot  (Season 2, Episode 2, October 2018)

Highway to Wellness Podcast: https://www.htwpodcast.com (Episode 3, July 2018)

Wish Radio Podcast: https://podtail.com/en/podcast/wish-radio-straight-talk-for-women-s-health/joe-cross (Episode 67, July 2017)

Unmistakable Creative Podcast: https://unmistakablecreative.com/podcast/joe-cross-reboot-your-health (March 2017)

The Failure Factor Podcast: https://www.forbes.com/sites/meganbruneau/2016/08/09/the-failure-factor-joe-cross-on-how-to-cultivate-luck/#583e957c2d63 (Episode 10, August 2016)

Take Out with Ashley and Robyn Podcast: https://radiopublic.com/take-out-with-ashley-and-robyn-WJbN20/ep/s1!db2bd (Episode 36, August 2016)

The Food Heals Podcast: https://foodhealsnation.com/4 (Episode 4, August 2015)

The Ultimate Health Podcast: https://ultimatehealthpodcast.com/joe-cross-fat-sick-and-nearly-dead (Episode 6, October 2014)

Rich Roll Podcast: https://www.richroll.com/podcast/rrp-47-joe-cross-fat-sick-and-nearly-dead-how-i-lost-100lbs-juicing-movement (Episode 47, September 2013)