Karie-Ann’s Cancer Goes Into Remission*

When Karie-Ann was given an experimental treatment for her stage 2 Melanoma, she was hopeful that it would supercharge her immune system and knock out the cancer. But a negative reaction put the treatment on hold, and things took a turn for the worse.

After discovering “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” Karie-Ann decided to Reboot to see if anything would change for her. Months later, she feels vibrantly healthy and her cancer is in remission.*  – Karie-Ann Janveaux, Canada

 My Results

  • I lost 40 pounds in 3 months*
  • My skin looks vibrant*
  • I have more energy*
  • My wrinkles have softened*
  • I feel more confident
  • I’m taking charge of my health!

I have worked in the healthcare system for 27 years as a Laboratory Assistant. My 20-year relationship with my husband ended in a divorce three years ago. I have three children and two grandchildren. My daughter is 29, and my boys are 16 and 17. My grandchildren are five and ten years old.

I am passionate about my home. I live on an acreage, and I love the country life. It’s my sanctuary. In the winter, I throw on my snowshoes or head to the mountains with my snowboard.

My stage 2 cancer treatment failed

In November 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 2 Melanoma. I was privileged to take part in a trial for an immunotherapy drug called ippimunolab. This drug is designed to supercharge the immune system so the body can fight off the cancer itself. I was so happy that I might have a chance to survive this.

After 3 treatments, I developed a reaction and was taken off the treatment. The cancer was still growing, and it had moved into my lungs.

Up to stage 4 and “wait and see”

The cancer was growing and spreading. I was bumped up to stage 4. I was told there is nothing more we can do for you but wait and see if the drug treatments kick in. I was scared! I knew I needed to do something but did not know what?

I connected with my friend, Gail. She had breast cancer, and she was juicing. She claimed that through all her chemo and radiation treatments, she did not get sick and she believed this was because of the juice.*

Joe’s movie inspires my change

She gave me a book by Louise L. Hay called “You Can Heal Your Life,” and she told me to watch “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.”

That was the moment I decided to Reboot. It made sense! Finally some hope!

That day, I pulled the Breville juicer that my mom bought me ten years ago out from storage, and I started juicing. I followed the plant-based diet religiously. I  removed all processed foods, dairy products, and sugar too. I felt confident and proud of myself for taking charge of my own health.

I used Joe’s website for information and recipes. For me, the most helpful was watching the documentary. Seeing the success that others were having convinced me this was the right choice.

My cancer goes into remission*


Within weeks, my blood work improved. My CT scan showed that the tumors were shrinking! What?? Everyone was amazed. The cancer stopped growing.*

I believe the juicing and eating a plant-based diet alkalized my body, and put it in an optimal state for the drug to do its job.*

Scan after scan, the cancer was shrinking to the point there was no traces to be found.

I’m energized and radiant

The most unexpected result was the amount of energy I had. My skin was glowing and my wrinkles softened.*

Although I was not juicing for weight loss, it was an amazing side effect! I lost 40 pounds in 3 months.* The weight loss was consistent and healthy. I plateaued at the perfect weight for me, and I have been able to maintain that with minimal effort.

My new dream: open a juicery

After seeing Mary Beth in “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2” I had the privilege of meeting her in person at her juicery in McMinnville, I am inspired! My goal is to open a juicery in my hometown and share this lifesaving wonder with everyone!!

When I tell my story and share Joe’s videos, people get excited! They have gone out the next day bought a juicer. Many have lost significant amounts of weight, and they have taken control of their own health.

For me, I was in a situation where it was do or die. For everyone else, I recommend you do not wait till you’re in that predicament. Do it now, use juicing as a preventative medicine.

Thank you, Joe!