Joe’s Journal: Day 9 – Losing Weight, Gaining Energy

October 20, 2007

It’s Day 9 and I’m still spending time in the Hampton’s  but there’s something different about today. I’m feeling more energy, more than I’ve had yet. It feels fantastic. I still look like I swallowed a sheep but a few pounds/kilos have started to come off and I’m starting to think more clearly. The energy I’ve gained in just over a week sets off a memory in my head of how I used to feel when I was younger.

When I was younger I was in good shape. I was fit, full of energy and loved playing rugby with my mates. I’m not saying I ate healthy because I didn’t. I was addicted to sugar as a child and soon burgers would replace my sugar craving. I can recall one occasion when, on a dare, I attempted to eat twenty Big Macs in a row. I only got to 11, though I reckon if it hadn’t been for the pickles I could have gone all the way. Fortunately, I was naturally very lean, athletic, and generally always on the move.

After I graduated high school I skipped college and went straight to work. When I was old enough to add alcohol to my diet, I pretty much spiraled out of control and started to gain weight gradually. At age 23 I was making a truckload of money which meant fast cars, big boats, big nights out and food, lots of food. I was flying high. And so was the scale. That young energy I used to have was soon enough going to disappear.

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