Joe’s Journal: Day 8 – It’s Now or Never

October 19, 2007
Things are starting to really pick up now. I was shocked I had the energy to work almost a full day, making phone calls and filming. LOTS of filming. At one point during the day we decided to do a scene where I explain to the camera exactly why I decided to do a 60 Day Reboot and stick to it. It was an interesting approach because we decided to do this as I was driving down a beautiful road in Sagaponack, NY. The only trouble was we kept running out of road before I was done speaking. After what felt like a thousand takes, I’m hoping we nailed it.

So why did I decide to Reboot for 60 days and finally commit to change my life for good?

“Rebooting” your system helps to eliminate dead and dying cells while encouraging the generation of new ones. Surprisingly, it takes just a day on a Reboot for this process to kick in, since it is within the first twenty-four hours that certain digestive enzymes stop entering the stomach. Instead, other enzymes are released into the intestines and the bloodstream, where they circulate to digest waste and destroy dead, diseased cells without harming the healthy ones. I knew a Reboot would be good for me so now it was just a matter of staying committed to a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix.

I’d learned a lot about myself during my previous “detox” attempts and discovered firsthand some fundamental truths about the power of the human body, as well as the power I had over it. Know thyself – good idea. Know the cells – even better!  I’d never been willing to fully commit to a junk-food-and-booze free lifestyle.  My food addictions kept getting in the way of Mother Nature’s healing process. Everything I was doing was a “quick fix”. The reward for being on such a restricted diet was always a meal for me, a case of sodas in the fridge, and ice cream in the freezer. Crazy as it may sounds, it was the reward of junk food that kept me off the junk food.

I tell you all this because it will help you understand why I finally undertook this massive jump. There was a rhythm to my eating patterns. I ate and drank whatever I wanted most of the time, then put myself on a strict fruit and veggie diet for a month or so after and I would go right back to how I ate before. My number one priority was work and not what was good for long term. Having the best of both worlds wasn’t working for me so I made the decision to choose life over death, greens over greens.

Why would this time be different? Because I made the commitment to do whatever it would take to cure my disease and be drug-free, starting with a 60 day, all juice Reboot. Something inside me said, “Joe, it’s now or never”.