Joe’s Journal: Day 7 – A Day of Rest and Juicing

October 18, 2007

Boy was I glad to have a day off from shooting. While I was grateful for that camera staring me in the face every day to help keep me motivated, all I wanted to do was rest, and juice of course! They say the first few days are the toughest, and for me, things were looking up but still not smooth sailing yet. A day off to me meant a day to take it easy, sleep plenty, and let my body’s natural detox pattern do its thing.

I want to address a common question I often hear…Joe, how many calories are in each juice? Well would you believe me if I tell you don’t need to count your calories while on a Reboot? I don’t count my calories. The foods we choose to eat and their nutritional content are more important than the calorie or energy content. One of the best parts about the Reboot is that because of the nature of the foods you are ingesting – all fruits and vegetables with some herbs and spices which are each packed with potent phytonutrients – you can tune in and listen to your body to figure out the “right amount” for you to consume each day. Are you hungry and have a headache? Have more juice! Does the Reboot plan suggest to have 4 – 6 juices but you felt full at the end of the day after 3? Then just have some herbal tea and get some rest!

Other guidelines:

• Strive for mostly veggies with some fruits (like 80% veg and 20% fruit)
• Drink (or eat if you decide to eat fruits and veggies also on your Reboot) 4-6 times per day
• Drink plenty of water

Learn more about why counting nutrients is more important than counting calories while on a Reboot.