Joe’s Journal: Day 5 – Staying Away from Tempting Foods

October 16, 2007

I spent the next 5 days sequestered in Long Island, far from my biggest food demons. Not that the Hamptons doesn’t have its fair share of temptations but I was able to stay away from them.  If I had to be around those smells seeping from the NYC bagel shops, the food trucks selling empanadas, and the surplus of falafel shops, and even the swishing, clanging sounds of happy hour cocktails on my fifth day, I would have been struggling big time! I knew I was doing the right thing for me but those cravings were still lingering in this early phase of the juice fast. The emotional attachment to food is a tough thing. It’s bloody tough.

Cravings are fascinating. They actually mean something, besides just wanting to indulge in some chocolate ice cream!

Learn what your cravings really mean and how to avoid them.