Joe’s Journal: Day 42 – Why This Film is Different

In theory, most documentaries hope to educate, enlighten, and positively affect the lives of the people watching their films, perhaps even save a few. But in my case, it was my own life I was trying to save and myself I was educating. If I ended up being successful in my venture, then I would have something worth sharing, something I would be able to throw out there as a life preserver for others. That goal wasn’t about some sense of nobility or altruism. It’s just that I hate wasting precious things, among them, knowledge, which was one of the things I was accumulating by the bucket-load through this experience.

Another thing I was getting very good at was waiting in parking lots for my crew to finish their meals. With six of us on our trip there were five mouths to feed, and I found that it was easier just to stay outside while they devoured diner or restaurant meals of eggs and bacon, cheeseburgers, pizza, Mexican, pasta, or whatever else they wanted. I tried to just wait patiently in the car, sipping my Mean green, though this didn’t mean I wouldn’t closely question them to find out what they’d eaten.

Something else I discovered on our road trip/Reboot was that somehow I no longer found driving exhausting, as I had on past car trips. I’m pretty sure the reason for this was the juicing, which meant that I wasn’t stuffing myself with the kind of snacks that give you a little burst of energy first, and then soon leave you feeling drowsy. Instead of battling sleepiness or feeling tired, I was on fire, alert and full of energy, and taking in all of the sights around me.

I hoped this feeling would never leave me.

Have you been following my past journal entries? Make sure you catch up here.  I’m sharing these thoughts with you as part of the 2nd Anniversary celebration of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead so I hope you are either able to relate or be inspired by my journal entries.