Joe’s Journal: Day 48 – Going for “Totally Cured”

I had almost reached Day Fifty, and found myself becoming increasingly anxious to get to the end of the trip and onto a plane headed back to Sydney. For one thing, it was beginning to get really cold, and I couldn’t help thinking of the warm , sunny beaches that awaited me back in Australia. I was still feeling fantastic about what I’d accomplished thus far, specifically, that I’d lost nearly 70 pounds and had been able to reduce my Prednisone intake all the way down to 3.5mg.

I was also dying to eat some solid food, which was a good sign: it was telling my body what it needed. I remember looking in the mirror on that day and seeing a healthy guy going for the title of “totally cured.”

Have you been following my past journal entries? Make sure you catch up here.  I’m sharing these thoughts with you as part of the 2nd Anniversary celebration of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead so I hope you are either able to relate or be inspired by my journal entries.