Joe’s Journal: Day 38 – Joe’s Juice Stand

Next stop, Tupelo, Mississippi. Birthplace of Elvis, and host, every June, of the Elvis Presley Festival. I’d also read somewhere that before being named Tupelo, the town had been called Gum Pond because of the prevalence of black gum, or tupelo, trees in the area. Interesting, the facts you acquire while on a road trip like ours.

As for Elvis, like me, he wrestled with junk food and prescription drug dependence. He died fat, sick and on his throne, which was not the best way for the King to surrender his crown…

While in Tupelo, I set up a roadside juice stand I called Joe’s Juice Bar, which looked a lot like those lemonade stands kids set up on hot summer days. But it was November, and it was getting pretty cold. Initially, I wasn’t getting a lot of customers, even though I was giving away the juice. But eventually, curiosity got the better of a passerby, especially when I started making my own favorite juice combo, Mean Green, which can at first look a little strange to the uninitiated. It is a deep, vivid green color that is quite unlike most other beverages out there.

At the same time, it has an earthy appeal that makes people want to try it. We all know we are supposed to eat our greens; one look at a Mean Green and you know that, micro-nutritionally speaking, it possesses radioactive qualities. It literally glows with goodness! I ended up making quite a few converts that day.


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