Joe’s Journal: Day 37 – I Miss Chewing

The following day, we headed further south through Alabama, passing a lot of natural beauty along the way. We stopped at a particularly gorgeous spot alongside the river, where I got out to make myself a late afternoon cocktail of vegetables and fruit. Ironically, the spot was right next to a hamburger stand, so I walked over and introduced myself to the owner, who told me that his hamburgers were considered the best in Alabama. He offered me one. I explained that we were actually making a film about a sixty-day juice fast and that I’d pledged to consume only fruit and vegetables for the entire time, so burgers were out. I offered him a juice, and we each toasted to the setting sun. I promised him that if I ever went back to eating hamburgers, I would be sure to look him up.

Did I want a burger? Honestly, not at all by then. It wasn’t the burger itself that sparked my imagination: it was the idea of chewing. I was missing the simple act of chewing solid food.

If you’re on a Reboot and you are having cravings, watch this video of me explaining what to do.

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