Joe’s Journal: Day 3 – My Motivation To Keep Going

October 14, 2007

Day 3 was almost identical to Day 2. The lethargy continued, my head was still pounding and I was questioning myself. What have I gotten myself into? All I wanted to do was stay in bed.

You must realize that I hadn’t come to this crossroads because I’d sat around thinking, “Joe, if you keep your bad habits you are going to die young.” I don’t even think we as humans are coded to think that way about life and death – it’s just not something we can process realistically and still go on about our daily business. But we do spend time thinking about our hopes and our dreams. It’s the dreams and my hopes for the future that scared me when it came to thinking about my weight, the urticaria, and Prednisone. I couldn’t live with the idea that my future might contain only a very limited set of dreams, ones that had to be modified by my chronic illness. I could not let this happen.

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