Joe’s Journal: Day 28 – Reintroducing Myself to My Body

I’m starting to notice little transformations happening every day. Some with my mind and some with my body. I’m definitely thinking clearer and I feel rested but energized. I’ve always heard that you make better and healthier decisions when you are rested and I think I finally understand that!

It’s amazing, just sitting in a taxi or at a table and not having to undo the button on my jeans – it’s the best feeling and while it may be a little change it’s a HUGE step in the right direction for me! I can’t remember the last time I felt comfortable enough to sit in me jeans for a period of time.

I am even starting to feel my pelvis hip bone! I haven’t felt that for ten years. It’s like a whole new reintroduction. I’m reintroducing myself to my body.

It’s those little changes that are making me feel good about what I’m doing.

Eventually this juicing Reboot is going to come to an end but I will not let myself go back to my old ways. I’m going to make the healthiest foods part of my everyday life, not just a “detox.” A few foods that I can’t wait to eat in this new mindset include:

…this list could go on forever! My palate craves this stuff now.

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