Joe’s Journal: Day 27 – The “P” Word

I’m getting closer to my halfway point. I’ll be on the homestretch soon! What an incredible journey it’s been so far and I can’t wait to set out across America in a few days to travel across the country. The more traveling I do the more people I meet and hopefully that means the more people I will inspire to try a juice!

One question I hear often from the folks I meet, especially this far along in the Reboot is, “What about protein?  Are you getting enough?” I’m sure I’ll continue to hear this as my Reboot continues and I talk to more people so I want to clear up any concerns.

I reckon it’s pretty unlikely to develop a protein deficiency in my current state. Especially since I’m actually consuming protein while I drink my juices! Green juices in particular are rather rich in protein, making them super essential to any Reboot program. If at one point on this journey I feel as if I need more protein I will consider adding it in the form of vegetable protein powders like pea protein. However, when I decided to do this I committed to only consuming fresh fruits and vegetables for 60 days so for me, it may suit me better to just continue receiving my protein from my green juices. But hey, if you decide to do a Reboot and it works better for you to add more protein, then you should do so! A Reboot is meant to be personal so it really is about creating what works best for you.

In certain situations, it is probably best to include more protein especially if you:
– Continue to exercise frequently while on a Reboot
– Have Diabetes (or other blood sugar regulation needs)
– Experience hunger control issues during your Reboot even after drinking all your juice

Good proteins to consider if you feel you need them are chia seeds, hemp seed powder, ground flax seeds, spirulina and pea protein powder.

Learn more about proteins on a Reboot.

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