Joe’s Journal: Day 26 – The Idea of Healthy Eating Isn’t “New”

The idea of fasting is not unique and it’s not new. In fact, fasting is part of who we are as a human being. You see for millions of years we basically lived by the philosophy of hunter gatherer which means  early man had a tremendous amount of activity. They would walk, run, fish, etc. just to get their food — that’s adding exercise and fresh, clean, unprocessed foods all at once! And to survive when there wasn’t anything to hunt or gather our bodies turned into human refrigerators, capable for storing food and carrying it with us for lean times.

Today we don’t have to put all that effort into filling our bellies. We can sit on our couch, turn on the TV, pick up our phone to call in a delivery order from our favorite pizza shop and call it a night. Most of us nowadays have very sedentary jobs, we’re not chasing animals, we’re not running away from animals…we are riding to work, sitting at our desks, and sitting in front of the TV and yet we are consuming far more calories, particularly from processed foods, which means the foods end up losing most of its nutrients. 

What has happened to us? If healthy eating is such a hot trend right now then why are processed foods flooding our supermarkets?

On this juicing journey, it’s definitely opened my eyes to how most of our lives work nowadays and how in the early years of mankind we were actually healthy. I’m hoping I help inspire more people to start consuming healthier foods and get back to the basics.

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