Joe’s Journal: Day 23 – Mind over Matter

It’s pretty amazing to stop and think about the rest that I’m giving my body. It’s able to take a break from digesting processed foods and warding off incoming toxins and free radicals. Sometimes I read the list of ingredients in certain packaged foods and can’t believe I’m actually consuming them…I have no idea how to even pronounce some of them (like butylated hydroxyanisole – what is that?!). I can guarantee my body doesn’t know what it is either.   That’s not the case with the fruits and veggies I’m consuming in liquid form. 

It’s funny how we easily go on holidays and vacations to “relax” which normally consists of lots of eating out and booze, we sleep at night because we are tired from a long day of work, we give our car a service but we don’t think about giving our bodies a true rest that it needs and deserves. It’s hard to put our heads in that mindset when we live such busy lives. Part of being on this journey is I’ve sort of resigned myself that I’m not going to eat. Once you do that – it’s surprising how easy it is. There’s nothing going to break me here. I’m not going to have a panic attack and run out and buy a doughnut. I’m not concerned that I won’t have “energy”. 

I got all the energy I need to get through my day and it’s right here in my belly. The falafels I had two months ago are still sitting there and I have to think mentally that I’m actually having them now.

It’s mind over matter. 

What helps you stay focused when you’re on a Reboot?

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