Joe’s Journal: Day 22 – When Did I Lose Energy?

After the New York City Halloween parade, I wandered through Washington Square park and marveled at the natural exuberance of the NYU students and other New Yorkers and tourists who set out wearing angel’s wings and all forms of wigs and costumes. I had to admit, I felt as energetic and full of possibility as they looked. I wanted to tell them to do whatever they could to retain that feeling forever, maybe even saving a specimen of it for those dark days when it will feel like their bodies are rebelling against them.

I wanted to say: “And if that fails, kids, Uncle Joe’s got the Mean Green for you right here!” This being Washington Square Park, and me being a middle-aged foreigner in an Elvis suit, I didn’t say as much for fear of getting arrested. Instead I sat, watched and wondered, When did I stop feeling so young and energetic? Why? I knew now that things didn’t have to stay that way.

It’s pretty fascinating once you discover the energy in plant-based foods. They give you the basic building blocks to stay energized, think clearly and uplift your vitality. I am surprised to now realize that those typical crashes that normally come at 3:00 pm in the afternoon don’t have to happen. In fact it shouldn’t happen if you are flooding your body with the right stuff!

Watch a recent episode of The Joe Show that is fully dedicated to Plant-Powered Energy. You’ll find recipes, helpful information and even yoga poses that help boost your energy.