Joe’s Journal: Day 2 – Why Just Juice?

October 13, 2007

Well Day 2 is here and I woke up still feeling tired and lethargic, anxious and headache-y. A member of the film crew asked me, “Why Reboot on just juice?”

The short answer: I was desperate and I wanted quick results, so I decided that for the first 60 days I would drink my fruits and veggies. Not blend, juice. (Note: for a 60-day commitment to juicing, I needed a doctor’s supervision.)  I followed my 60 days with three months of eating and drinking only fruits and vegetables. And for some people a combination of eating and drinking on a Reboot works great.

The longer answer: Juice is digested rapidly and requires a smaller expenditure of energy than solid food which gives the body additional time and energy to rid itself of toxins and other unwanted materials that it absorbs. The reason juice works so much better for this purpose it that all the essential ingredients locked within the fibers of fruits and veggies are freed during the juice extraction process, which means those nutrients can be quickly absorbed and used directly. The digestive system then has to expend only a minimal effort to process the food it is taking in, so much more metabolic energy can be used to cleanse mucoid matter from the lymph systems and toxins from cellular tissue. 

Knowing what is transpiring physically during a juice cleanse, it makes complete sense that when you start you are going to feel the whole thing is very isolating, as well as physically and psychologically challenging.  When you embark on a juice Reboot, you are super-charging your body’s healing process which is initially one of the toughest things about it. Sometimes this will show up in the form of headaches, cold, or flu-like symptoms, coughing, bloating, fatigue, skin irritations or breakouts, etc. I experienced everything on the list.

Watch me break it down for you on why I decided to Reboot on just juice.