Joe’s Journal: Day 12 – A New Outlook in New York City

I’m sharing these journal entries to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and to relive my 60 Day Reboot. And don’t miss out on our anniversary celebration – we’re giving away a Breville Juice Fountain Crush a Day for 60 days. We have 49 more juicers to give away so don’t miss out.

Now let’s take a look at Day 12 of my 60 Day Reboot…

October 23, 2007

Day 12: The smells seeping from the bagel, empanada, fast food and falafel shops and the clanging sounds of happy hour cocktails were still seductive of course. Smoke, on which rose scents of hot dogs and roasted almonds, billowed from the carts of street vendors. But never mind. I had my juice. Okay I won’t lie, it was hard. It was hard to not window shop past Magnolia Bakery and go in and buy a cupcake. However, I was not hungry nor really that tempted.

A curious thing happened to me when I revisited New York. I began to see a completely different side of it, one that had nothing to do with eating, playing, or working. I was able to reconcile myself to this vastly different way of inhabiting New York by setting out across the city in search of the best juice bars and farmers markets.

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