Joe’s Journal: Day 11 – A New Fire in My Belly

I hope you’ve been enjoying my journal posts for the past 10 days. I still have another 50 to go so be sure to keep tuning in. I’m sharing these journal entries to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and to relive my 60 Day Reboot. And don’t miss out on our anniversary celebrationwe’re giving away a Breville Juice Fountain Crush a Day for 60 days. We have 50 more juicers to give away so don’t miss out.

Now let’s take a look at Day 11 of my 60 Day Reboot…

October 22, 2007

Today we are headed into one of the greatest cities in the world: New York City. I always loved New York for its food. Oh, how I loved to eat in Manhattan’s finest sushi restaurants and two-bit pizza joints, sometimes twice in the same day, and sometimes two pizzas. Not slices, two whole pizza pies! And so it was with great trepidation that we returned to the Big Apple after spending 10 days sequestered on Long Island, far from my biggest food demons. But this time I had a different kind of fire in my belly, not one of the hunger sort. I was revisiting NYC and challenging myself to discover a new way of being there, as in being healthy. 

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