Energy Up, Pounds Down, and Happier Days*

Jean suffered with depression and hypothyroid, and her husband, Rick, was pre-diabetic and had stage 4 thyroid cancer. Once Jean convinced Rick to juice with her, both of them got on the path to better thyroid health and overall wellness.*



  • Our energy has increased*
  • We both know how to care for our underactive/missing thyroid
  • Both Rick and Jean are on fewer prescription medications*
  • Rick is no longer pre-diabetic*
  • Jean lost 15 pounds and is no longer depressed*
  • Jean gets up earlier and has “increased capacity” for everything*

Why We Rebooted: To better support our health with hypothyroidism

We were both struggling with thyroid issues and other serious health problems.

I (Jean) had such severe depression that I was hospitalized with it. I was seeing a trusted psychiatrist, a therapist, and on prescription medication. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 15 years prior, and I had been taking Armour thyroid medication since then.

My husband, Rick, was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer. Treatments for Rick included surgery to remove his thyroid, radioactive iodine, and 7 weeks of radiation on his throat.

My therapist recommended “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” and suggested juicing as a way to strengthen my husband’s immune system. I watched the movie and was convinced it would be helpful for Rick, but felt quite certain my husband would not be interested.

I tried juicing on my own to inspire Rick

The only hope I had was trying juicing out; perhaps offering some tastes to him, and hoping that eventually he would decide to drink juices for himself.

Within 4 or 5 days of juicing, I started feeling more energetic, getting up earlier, and doing more things around the house.

My husband noticed and very shortly thereafter agreed to drink the juice with me. But he would gag or complain about the taste, or make these odd faces while grunting his displeasure. So, I took the hint and stopped making juice for him.

Rick finally joined me in juicing

A couple of days passed and one morning he asked, “Where’s my juice?”

I told him I stopped making it for him because he obviously didn’t like. Though he didn’t disagree, he said he would still like to have a daily juice.

Rick’s cholesterol levels dropped and blood sugar gets balanced

Several months later my husband went to his general practitioner physician to get his six-month checkup, which always includes blood work.

Rick tells me that the doctor asked him what he had been doing differently because his lab numbers went down in such a positive way, that he was no longer pre-diabetic, and that his cholesterol medication was going to be cut in half. I was ecstatic.

My energy increased and my depression lifted

Prior to juicing, I was working with my doctor to slowly wean me from various depression prescription medications.

When juicing came on the scene, this scenario was magnified, intensified, moved lightning speed. Now, I am totally off all prescription medications, have increased energy, and as my husband puts it, “have increased capacity.”

I am no longer depressed. It is my miracle, our miracles, and I am SO GRATEFUL!!!

I’ve lost 15 pounds and we’ve continued our successes!*

Since Rick and I are both hypothyroid, we wanted to not just continue our successes but keep increasing our successes. We’ve learned a lot from our Guided Reboot coach, Claire, and this Reboot Community particular to thyroid.

And, I’ve lost 15 pounds on the Guided Reboot!*

Juicing is one important factor in our success. We also exercise with daily walks, have wonderful medical and therapeutic support, and have an awesome church community and family we love and cherish.

What I wish someone told me so I’d start sooner

Even just one glass a day, only a minimum of 8 ounces, can have a profound effect on both our physical and mental health. These beautiful and POWERFUL fruits and vegetables are medicine to the body and soul.

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Jean 60 Day Guided Reboot Success Story