Hungry For Change, Compelling New Health Documentary

“Hungry For Change” is the powerful new documentary from the people who brought us “Food Matters”.  “Hungry For Change” really elevates the conversation about why we eat what we eat, gives examples of ways to shift behaviors, and introduces compelling experts to guide the viewer the whole way through. This film makes a strong case for moving in the direction of plant-based diets and gives a healthy dose of motivation and backup for this point of view.  Oh, and lest we forget, our very own Joe Cross is a featured interview in the film!!

One of the points that I personally found most intriguing comes from the esteemed Dr. Christiane Northrup.  She explains in the film that “the concept of loving yourself is key to all of it,” and advocates a daily practice of reminding yourself of this self-love. She even suggests that the benefits of self-love are backed up by hard scientific evidence.  Her recommended mantra is “I accept myself unconditionally right now.”

What I find particularly interesting, especially when you think of the premise of the film right down to the title – “Hungry For Change,” is that the desire to change is not necessarily what is going to get you there, but rather it is the acceptance of where you are right now that will open the door for changes to happen.  Of course, that doesn’t mean hard work and effort won’t be required, but the psychology of change may be more significant than you might think.

You can watch “Hungry For Change” for free online through March 31st here, and if you purchase the DVD by March 31st you will also receive several bonus gifts AND free worldwide shipping!

We’d love to hear what you think of the film!  Which experts did you connect with most?  Which concepts stayed with you the longest?  What new practices will you try out?