How to Reboot Your Body After a Big Weekend

After a weekend—or more—of splurging, it can be hard to pull in the reins and regain your wellness. Eating way too much and all the wrong foods leaves you with cravings, fatigue and bloating on Monday morning. Plus, all that over-indulging will have you feeling hungrier than ever.

Even if you finished off your weekend by swearing off food forever and promising yourself to eat clean, at the start of the week, you’ll likely crave a high-calorie lunch, an afternoon caffeine or sugar hit, or even a takeout dinner to help you recover from your Monday. That’s how Tuesday becomes your “I’ll start tomorrow” and before you know it, it’s Friday again. I think we have all been there!

Try these tips

Drink More Water

This helps to reduce the appetite, give you a sense of fullness and improves the metabolism for up to one hour. If enough water is ingested at regular intervals, it can increase calorie burn by 100 calories per day.

Avoid the Sweet Stuff

That means staying away from processed sweets, including all the white refined foods that elevate the blood sugar levels and increase cravings and appetite. Eating these refined foods perpetuates cravings and makes it almost impossible to stay focused on healthy eating. If you want something sweet, then bust open a punnet of berries or enjoy a juice or smoothie with some fruit content.

Get Extra Sleep

Getting more sleep after a big weekend can support and adjust the body and rejuvenate the cells to help balance and modulate the hormones, energy levels and appetite control. Did you know that adequate amounts of sleep support weight loss?

Eat the Rainbow

Eating loads of plant-based colorful meals can be the perfect way to take in tons of nutrients while also keeping the calories down. Eating fiber via fruits and vegetables helps to support regular blood sugar levels and appetite control while also helping with energy levels. Check out more information on fruits and vegetables that support weight loss and how to improve your metabolic burn.

Move It!

We know that regular exercise helps to modulate the appetite, improve the metabolism and support increased energy levels. This exercise doesn’t even need to be structured: It makes a big different when you walk around the block, go window shopping, get off the train or bus a few stops early, take the stairs rather than the elevator and stand rather than sit where possible.

Let Go of Guilt

Guilt and making yourself feel bad does nothing to improve your success and well-being. A positive vision of yourself and self-love are the most important steps forward in the quest for good health.

Remember: No one is perfect but working towards your own personal health vision can be the best place to start. Imagine yourself happy and healthy every day for success.