How to Reboot Without Losing Weight


Most Rebooters are seeking better health and wellness with more fruits and veggies and of course juicing! Many folks are looking to lose weight, while others who don’t have weight to lose, want to reap the important benefits of a Reboot followed by a healthy eating plan like:

  • Boost the number of fruit/vegetable servings you can ingest in a day
  • Break the cycle of unhealthy eating
  • Retrain your brain to crave fruits and vegetables
  • Manage your weight
  • Promote a lifestyle that will lower risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, macular degeneration, cognitive decline and mental illness including depression
  • Promote longevity
  • Decrease aches and pains in joints and muscles
  • Improve your immunity
  • Promote increased energy levels
  • Promote healthy skin, nails and hair
  • Gain greater access to digestive enzymes locked away in whole produce through juicing

Those who don’t want to lose weight have expressed concern about the safety of a Reboot for them. Interestingly, Rebooters at a healthy weight who stay active during their program have typically not lost weight. But those following a Reboot with weight to lose find that they are indeed able to lose weight. One unique aspect of the Reboot is that getting in touch and following your internal hunger and fullness cues when you are consuming just veggies, fruits and juice will allow you to naturally get the “right amount” for your body.


If you are in the group of Rebooters who want to maintain their weight, here are some tips to try:

  • Aim for the upper end of the juice range of 4-6, 16-20 ounces per day.
  • Don’t be afraid to add in extra juice as a snack or throughout the day as needed.
  • Use healthy calorie dense additives like raw organic honey, olive oil, flax oil, coconut oil or even a dash of coconut milk. Start with 1 tsp at a time per juice and increase this amount as desired.
  • Stay active but adjust your exercise intensity as needed. Drink extra water and juice to stay well nourished and keep your weight steady.
  • Include higher calorie veggies in your juice like sweet potato and fresh sweet corn.
  • Snack on veggies and fruits as needed including bananas and avocado.

We’d love to hear your favorite tips for meeting your personal energy and nutrient needs during the Reboot.