Tips for Preparing Breakfast the Night Before

Preparing meals ahead of the time is one of the most important things to do when it comes to getting — and staying — on track with healthy eating. Meal prep can feel overwhelming, but it just requires a little bit of forethought.

Breakfast is one of the best and easiest meals for this kind of pre-planning. That’s not only because it’s the most important meal of the day, but also because breakfast plays a key role in helping to get the day started in a positive and well-balanced way; not to mention, the prep for breakfast is super easy if you do it ahead of time.

Breakfast prep requires two major components: thoughtfulness ahead of time, and a few key ingredients in the pantry. This way, with a little forethought and a few extra moments, you can prepare an easy-to-make and delicious breakfast.

4 Tips to Make Breakfast Prep Easier

  1. Buy ingredients ahead of time: Don’t wait until the last minute to purchase!
  2. Make a calendar for the week to map out what you want to buy
  3. Have the right types of containers for storing your foods and fluids: mason jars for the liquids, glass containers for the meals like oatmeal, toast etc.
  4. Keep easy-to-use ingredients in your cabinets, like: chia seeds, almond/peanut butter, oats, sprouted bread (it’s got more protein!), and almond milk

Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes

When it comes to choosing recipes to prepare ahead, try to choose easy to make and easy to store recipes like those that are based on these types of dishes below:

  1. Smoothies and smoothie bowls
  2. Oat and other hot cereal bowls
  3. Pancakes and waffles — just refrigerate and heat to eat later!

I chose the above breakfasts because they’re the easiest to make and store for later and the most delicious too. I always have on hand some extra smoothie or oatmeal in the fridge in case I get stuck somewhere and don’t have the time to make breakfast ahead of time!

Here are some specific recipes you can make ahead of time: